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Thursday, October 04, 2007

vmi - technology preview

This year's VMworld in San Francisco brought us press releases in a quantity making it difficult to distinguish between real technical and innovative news and primarily marketing news.

Mostly overlooked is the partnership of VMware and SUSE with a great technical demonstration of next generation interoperability: Both partners adapted their enterprise products, VMware ESX and SUSE Linux Enterprise Linux 10, to the virtual machine interface (VMI) layer. That standard, proposed by Zach Amsden, provides better interaction between hypervisor and VM kernel offering better performance and portability as well as a time interface.

The demo consists of a vmi enabled esx host, a virtual machine running SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 with a modified vmi enabled 2.6.16 kernel plus middleware and - due to the lack of a feature rich VirtualCenter client for linux - a windows thinkpad. So we're talking enterprise products for datacenters. Yes, that demo pulled a crowd, wow.

And it's out there available for testing to customers in both beta programs.

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