virtualized worlds: Previewing next home server virtualization

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Previewing next home server virtualization

VMware Server Version 2 (Build 63231)

preliminary notes:

- linux: easy (after a small complain that Server Version 1 .0x is newer)
- win: IIS is no longer needed, the webUI looks like tomcat/AJAX
- win: drivers not signed (again)

- now VI3-ish
- 14 MB plugin for Firefox

- Virtual hardware version is 6

- File Browser currently only allows default locations. E.g. if ISOs are stored in /iso you're unable to browse to that location (this reminds me of ESX Version 1.x)

- Server takes notice of moved configurations and reacts with a requester: did you copy or move your VM (instead of UUID behaviour earlier)

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