virtualized worlds: Quo vadis?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quo vadis?

After a huge marketing campaign, what has been announced today by Paul?

Version 4, tagged cloud OS. Truth is 'internal cloud' it's simply a new name for "Farms" (Citrix calls it "resource pool"). Yet there is no connection to 'external clouds'. -- And those would have to wear a 'VDC-OS'-shirt as well to work with the local 'internal cloud'.

OK, on to performance: There's a claim like '
30 percent increase'.
Well lets take a look at foot note #1: they are comparing quad-core intel and six-core intel. Guess who wins.

The next claim is already softer: 'an estimate increase of 30% for XenApp'. I suppose the same hardware comparison is used for this assessment.

Let's compare quad-core with quad core and compare
Xeon E5405 vs. Xeon E5570 and use a hypervisor where you can actually publish benchmarks without a huge approval process: SQL DBhammer on XenServer 5: '53 percent increase'. Citrix didn't even bother to enable Nested Page Tables (NPT)

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