virtualized worlds: xen to the power of two

Monday, April 20, 2009

xen to the power of two

Oracle surprises with a $7.1bn offer for Sun. The first thought might not be virtualization, but a second should be virtualization. After Citrix XenServer (11%) Sun's Hypervisor (7%) is the second Xen-based Hypervisor in production [NetIQ, Aug 08]. OracleVM will increase the percentage a bit.

What's the result?

VMware (56%) faces strong xen competitors:

- Citrix XenServer, outperforming VI3.5 41% (Tolly) to 100% (IBM/Trost); Sales up 40% in Q4 according the Q4 earnings call

- Oracle/Sun, the most prominent company denying OracleDB support on virtualization platforms except the Xen-based OracleVM; ready to distribute a JeOS-like OracleDB turnkey solution.

- XenCloud, Xen based clouds in production at Amazon, Google et all

Just one more thing

What'll happen to VirtualBox? Ready to be merged with hosted Xen? ;-)

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